Your installation, Numobi style

Numobi offers you the right charging solution.

Not only the right electric car, but also the right charging station installed professionally at your home or at work.

Your car + the charging station + your electrical connection to the grid - expertly chosen for the highest performance. Important, because, otherwise problems could arise.

Which charging rate?

Numobi ensures that your car’s charging rate (= the number of km that you can recharge per hour) reaches its maximum or as close as possible to its maximum, depending on the available electrical capacity.

Geared to your electrical installation

First, we analyse the electrical installation and the large ‘energy consumers’ on site. We do this by asking questions, such as:

What type of electrical connection to the grid do you have?

  • 1-phase / 40 A
  • 3-phase / 32 A
  • With or without neutral conductor

Do you have any large energy consumers?

  • Do you use a heat pump for heating your home?
  • Do you have a sauna?
  • Do you have an air conditioner?
  • Do you have a heated pool?